Vladimir Approved; DIRECTV, Newsmax, OAN and Russia Today

Russia Today and Czar Vladimir.

By now everyone is already aware that last year, DIRECTV cancelled their carrying One America News. Again, by now everyone is already aware that DIRECTV has scratched Newsmax from their lineup.

Everyone knows that the ever-increasingly Left-leaning Fox News is next up on the chopping block.

Personally, I used to be a DIRECTV customer. Not anymore.

Of course, I’m none-too-thrilled with DIRECTV cancelling their contracts with OAN and Newsmax.

But here’s something else that really pisses me off; it’s who DIRECTV keeps and pays out conceivably millions of dollars.

Case in point, RT, also known as Russia Today.

Please keep in mind that no news organization has the authorization to operate in Russia, unless the Kremlin (Vladimir Putin) gives the green light.

Below listed are taken directly from the official DIRECTV website, as well as the official website for Russia Today.

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