(VIDEO) Pro-Life Hats; Catholic Kids Kicked Out of Smithsonian Institute

Freedom of Religion and Speech under fire. The offending hat that got a group kicked out of a federally (taxpayer) funded museum.

By now, the word is out that employees of the Smithsonian Institution berated, cussed at, then eventually kicked-out both students and adult chaperones from Our Lady of the Rosary (OLR) Upper School from Greenville, SC.

It was after last month’s pro-life march in DC had concluded that the part of the contingent from Upstate South Carolina would visit the Smithsonian’s famed Air and Space Museum before all would meetup for dinner later in the evening.

Unfortunately, things went south rather quickly.

Perhaps The American Center for Law and Justice said it best;

The museum staff mocked the students, called them expletives, and made comments that the museum was a “neutral zone” where they could not express such statements. The employee who ultimately forced the students to leave the museum was rubbing his hands together in glee as they exited the building. We here at the ACLJ are absolutely appalled at this blatant discrimination and won’t let this behavior stand.

The Smithsonian Institution, as a federal entity, receives upwards of $1 billion from the government every year. It states on its website that they “welcome all people to explore” its museums, apparently just not kids with pro-life views.

Refreshingly, Our Lady of the Rosary Upper School notes on the official vision of the school;

The Church rightly teaches that parents are the primary educators of their children.  This truth reminds us that the role of the school is to extend the reach of parents rather than replace it.  But it also suggests that the family itself provides an ideal environment in which children may learn.  The characteristics that make the family itself such an effective school – loving guidance, accountability, authentic friendship, and shared commitment – must also define our Upper School if it is to fulfill its mission as an extension of the home.

Wow… what a bunch of thugs and troublemakers.

In light of Obama’s IRS demanding to know of certain Americans citizens “what did you pray about” I can’t help but wonder if the DOJ will eventually arrest the Greenville Eight just in case they ever prayed for any of those illegally thrown into the DC gulags during the Jan. 6 protest or for the soul of Ashli Babbitt.

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