‘Defund the Police’ LA Councilman: Democrat Socialist ‘Furious’, Throws Deputy Staffer Under the Bus

Local activist. Anything like a community organizer?

Here’s my question… how in the world did a Democratic Socialist end up with a Lexus?

Life as a trade union activist muse be pretty lucrative.

With all that aside, what’s up with a Mr. Defund the Police staffer calling the LAPD to step-up area patrols due to the same having to deal with the heartbreak of a broken-down Lexus?

Side note: for a Lexus to “break-down,” you have to abuse the hell out of it. One might say it’s the automotive equivalent of riding a horse literally to death.

Anyhow, as reported by Britain’s the Daily Mail;

A newly-elected Los Angeles city councillor who campaigned on a pledge to abolish the police has been left red-faced after a staff member rang the LAPD to request protection for his broken-down car.

Hugo Soto-Martinez, a trade union activist and member of the Democratic Socialist party, was elected in December.

“Chapter comrade” Hugo Soto-Martinez of the Democratic Socialists of America.

Soto-Martinez campaigned against ‘armed militias occupying our neighborhoods,’ saying that the existing policing system was ‘completely corrupt, immoral, and needs to be changed drastically.’

On Thursday night, a member of his team placed a call to the LAPD just before 10pm requesting assistance, because Soto-Martinez’s white Lexus had broken down.

Soto-Martinez, asked about the request, was furious.

‘It’s come to our attention that a deputy staffer had some contact with the LAPD regarding his personal vehicle,’ a spokesman told Fox 11.

‘We are investigating this matter internally and will be taking appropriate action.

‘Council Member Soto-Martinez is very upset as this does not reflect the values of transparency, responsible governance and being accountable to the community that elected him.’

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