(VIDEO) The American Military’s Decline into Wokeness; Will the US Air Force Resurrect ‘Balloon Aces’?

Doctored photo, but give it time.

So far, America’s military has succeeded in dropping four (or is it five?) UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena), UFOs, WTFOs… whatever they’re called.

If you are ever in the position where you need your ‘Murica batteries recharged, listen to the audio et the end of this article. A rather excited US Air Force who just dropped a Communist Chinese spy balloon moving at the speed of a gentle breeze.

So excited was this guy, one would think it was him alongside Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum in personally avenging the death of Capt. Harry “Raven” Connick, Jr. USMC.

I’ve recently noted on the cost of the shootdown of a Chinese Communist spy balloon at the hands of a singular F-22 Raptor pilot firing a singular AIM-9 Sidewinder missile. FYI, just one plane shooting one missile came to half-a-million dollars.

Collect ’em all, trade with your friends.

When you factor in the standby jets, all the refueling aircraft, all the US Navy and US Coast Guard vessels, the cost of taking down one balloon has skyrocketed to easily the hundreds of millions.

In the past, I’ve also how America’s military showers themselves in garbage medals and awards just for doing their jobs.

Just so you know, the Department of Defense has authorized well over 100 ribbons and medals for wear. Keep in mind that each service has only four medals strictly for personal heroism (Marine Corps version: Medal of Honor, Navy Cross, Silver Star and lastly, the Navy and Marine Corps Medal, which is awarded for heroism in a non-combat environment).

Everything VERY old is new again.

I also noted how the Pentagon made a point of not briefing civilian leadership whenever Chinese spy balloons wandered into American airspace.

Of course, all that happened during the Trump administration.

But back to the here and now.

As noted in the article titled “The Legend of Frank Luke” published by Air Force Magazine, 2d Lt. Frank Luke was credited as an Ace due to his 18 aerial kills.

To be more specific, Luke “shot down 14 German balloons and four German airplanes.”

Give it time. Not since 1918 has America has a balloon ace.

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