(VIDEO) Isn’t It Ironic? Famous Non-Heterosexual Dude Tells the World When Women are ‘In Their Prime’

In spite of Don Lemon losing his prime-time gig at CNN, he somehow feels entitled enough to tell the rest of us lowly peons when women are actually in their prime.

In quite a blurt live on-the-air, Lemon went from bashing Nikki Haley to letting us know how he rates women.

Personally, I find his quote (seen on the video below) somewhat curious. Especially in light that the last time Don Lemon had contact with a real-live Homo-Sapien vagina was when his momma pushed his worthless ass out.

Lemon’s demotion to being on a panel show with two Gyno-Americans must have sent him off on a first-class tizzy.

Some may say he’s conducting himself like a stereotypical hissing drama queen bitch. But I won’t say that.

After all, that would be homophobic.

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