California Inmate Erases Kiddie-Rapist from the Census

Ramon Escobar, currently a guest of Gavin Newsom.

There’s a widely held conception that convicted child rapists are usually targeted for death by their fellow inmates.

Speaking as someone who was once a Corrections Officer for the great state of North Carolina, in my experience, it’s true. Very true.

For whatever reason, amongst murderers, armed robbers, drug smugglers, etc., all occupy a certain stratum within the general population. The exception: Anyone who’s harmed a child. Especially those who’ve specifically target children with sexually abuse, particularly rape.

Case in point would be Ramon Escobar, 51, currently serving consecutive life sentences without parole at California’s North Kern State Prison.

It was in 2018 that Escobar was found guilty of not only killing his uncle and aunt in Texas, he also went on a killing spree in Southern California, taking out five homeless people as well as the attempted murder of seven more as reported by Shaniece Holmes-Brown of the Houston Chronicle.

Also noted by Holmes-Brown, 53-year-old Juan Villanueva was cellmates with Escobar. As far as Villanueva is concerned, he was serving a life sentence WITH the possibility of parole for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old child.

On a personal note, Holmes-Brown noting a life sentence for what she generically described as “sexual assault” strikes me as her somewhat downplaying the severity of Villanueva’s crime. Guys don’t get a life sentence for trying to kiss or get to first base with a 14-year-old.

With that aside, the reporter for the Houston paper also noted;

Officials are currently investigating Villanueva’s cause of death and whether Escobar was involved.

As the kids say, “Well, duh.”

But with the state of California’s storied bureaucratic incompetence, I predict it will take weeks for them to solve this Scooby-Doo mystery

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