(VIDEO) ‘British Gestapo’ and the ‘Altar of Wokery’; English Cops Arrest British Army War Vet, he Posted an ‘Anxiety’ Inducing Meme

Right after America’s War Between the States (1861-1865), more than a few Yanks and Canadiens (all claiming Irish bloodlines) were running guns to Ireland. Of course, there were ebbs and flows, but said gun running kept going until the founding of the Irish Free State, then quickly followed by the Irish Civil War (1921-1922).

All in the name of freeing the Irish from the English.

With history often repeating itself, who knows? Maybe gun running could become a thing again. But this time it would be freeing the English from the English.

But first things first. The below cited news story actually happened this past summer. But as I noted a handful of weeks ago, the British cops arrested a housewife who was standing on a public sidewalk in front of an abortuary, silently praying.

Of course, the cops actually asked her, “What are you praying about?”

Anyhow, the British police have also arrested Darren Brady of the southern English town of Aldershot, Hampshire County, who’s also a British Army war vet, for the high crime of sending a meme online, causing “anxiety” for someone who was ostensibly very, very woke.

By the way, you don’t have to do a double-take. He was arrested. Not just arrested, but led away in ‘cuffs.

As reported by Danielle Wallace of Fox News;

Shocking cell phone video purportedly shows a police officer in the United Kingdom explaining how an army veteran was arrested over an anti-LGBTQ post he reshared online that had caused someone “anxiety.”

The video was recorded by actor and leader of the British Reclaim Party Laurence Fox, who shared a meme on social media showing Pride flags altered into the shape of a swastika. He said the meme was meant as a commentary on the authoritarian nature of LGBTQ and transgender activists.

Fox began recording after Hampshire police arrived at the home of 51-year-old British army veteran Darren Brady, who reshared the meme of the Pride flag swastika online.

“I don’t understand. I posted something that he posted,” Brady said. “You come to arrest me. You don’t arrest him. Why has it come to this? Why am I in cuffs over something he shared, then I shared?”

“Because someone has been caused obviously anxiety based on your social media posts,” the officer responded. “That’s why you’ve been arrested.”

In an appearance on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Fox denied that the video was missing any critical context to understand what happened and said, “the great tragedy here is that a British army veteran with a long service record who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, proudly served our flag, has now been arrested for not worshipping at the altar of the holy Pride flag.”

“It’s an appalling arrest by the British Gestapo, which is what the British police force has become,” he added. “Alas, the British police have fallen. They’re much too interested in virtue signaling and bowing at the altar of wokery.”

Hampshire police arrived at Brady’s home to inform him that he could pay to attend an “educational course” instead of the complaint escalating to a crime. Brady said he needed time to think it over and then proceeded to contact Fox and Miller, who run the Bad Law project, which aims to challenge and depoliticize policing practices in the U.K. Fox and Miller were present at Brady’s home when police returned and placed him under arrest.

After the incident, Brady wrote to his Twitter followers on Sunday, “It’s nice to be able to enjoy a Sunday morning in peace without being harassed by Hampshire Police trying to extort money from me, or have me ‘re-educated’ for sharing a meme on the Internet.”

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