Approx. 5,000 Russians Waiting to Cross Our Southern Border, ‘Day of the Soldado’ Seems Prophetic

Welcome to the Soviet Socialist Republic of Amerikastan.

As reported by Karen Townsend of, word’s out that roughly 5,000 Russians are flying into various cities in the north of Mexico preparing to cross the border.

Take from the article what you will.

In the meantime, note the three videos below.

The first one is Sen. Tom Cotten (R-AR) ripping into Attorney General Merrick Garland in regard to Garland being a key mover and shaker in the erasing of the  US-Mexican border from reality, sovereignty and legality.

Second is part of the opening from the 2018 film, Sicario: Day of the Soldado. The main character is someone who obviously is a hard-line Moslem.

Lastly is a portion of the same film displaying the main characters again as hard-line Muslims.

Please keep in mind that the plotters of the Boston Bombing, the Tsarnaev brothers, were born in Kyrgizstan (formerly of the Soviet Union), a predominantly Muslim nation. Their father is Chechen, a predominately Muslim republic (state/province) of the Russian Federation. Before moving to the United States, the Tsarnaev clan lived in Dagestan, another predominantly Muslim Russian republic.

Like I said, Kyrgizstan was once part of the USSR, both Chechnya and Dagestan are still part of Russia.

Also please keep in mind that it’s being reported that 5,000 “Russians” are ready to stream across the border unchecked. “Russians” include Muscovites, Chechens and Dagestanis.

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