(VIDEO) Traditional Catholic Priest Warns of ‘Satan’s Five Generals’ the Democrats/Political Left have Enshrined into Law

Just one of five demons the Left-Wing forces Americans to obey.

Remember when the news broke of those scary Traditional Catholics that the FBI warned us of? Yeah, I even wrote a detailed piece of the Richmond, VA, office of the FBI taking their cues from the openly hard left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center.

Oh yeah. We Traddies sure are a danger to the Republic. How dare we actually believe in moral absolutes as well as the reality of Satan, Hell and we mere humans dealing with evil temptations (which in turn can lead to the loss of our immortal souls)? Sarcasm, off.

But there’s no need for people like Traditional Catholics if we all just abandon God and then embrace Leftism and all the evil that it’s built on.

No wonder that Francis and the American political Left hate us with all their might.

A great example would be Fr. Chad Ripperger, SMD. He’s one of those Latin Mass-only Traditional Catholic priests who also has quite the following on social media.

Just so you know, Fr. Ripperger is NOT one of those limp-wristed Fr. Skippy SocialJustice heretics over at Sts. Fidel and Che “Catholic Community” in West Hollywood.

As seen in the video below, all Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestants who take their faith serious will VERY MUCH appreciate the sermon Fr. Ripperger gives from the ambo.

Good ol’ Pater Ripperger breaks down the specific demons that the Left wants all of us to bow down to. Sadly, Satan’s Five Generals already are enshrined in power on the local, state/province and federal levels in way too many Western nations.

Warning: If hard-core truths scare you, I suggest you pass on this video.

This is my Rosary. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

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