What’s in a Name? Russians Uber-PO’d that Ukraine May Change Russia’s Name

Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

When discussing the Russian nation, there are a few absolutes that totally and 100 percent have to be factored into the equation;

  • They have a near-mental illness when it comes to the Russian-style of xenophobia.
  • Uniforms. Russians get an erection when it comes to uniforms… even the women.
  • The Russian Empire never fell. It may have gone through various iterations, but all Slavs are still part of the Russian Empire whether they like it or not.

    Boris and Natasha. “Is ALWAYS moose and squirrel.”

Enter the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova.

As reported by Lauren Sforza of the conservative leaning TheHill.com, Moscow is uber-pissed that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has reportedly instructed his Prime Minister, Denis Shmygal, to “carefully” weigh the options of the Ukraine officially referring to the Russian Federation by the ancient title of Muscovy.

Dating back to the 1200s, when the city of Moscow was more than just a collection of crude huts by the River Moskva, and well before there was even such a thing as a Russian Tsar, there was the Principality of Muscovy.

Definitely seen as an insult by the Russians, the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, throws a thinly veiled insult right back at Zelensky (as seen in the Telegram post below), referring to him as “Bunkerny”. Pretty much Russian slang for bunker-dweller.

Maria Zakharova

Vladimir Zelensky instructed the prime minister to study renaming Russia into Moskovia

Bunkerny proves our point every day. Here is another evidence of the attempt to create an “anti-Russia” out of Ukraine.

Here’s what I’m having trouble understanding… why does Russia give a hoot in hell as to what the Ukrainians call them?

After all, aren’t the Russians trying to kill all the Ukrainians?

Besides, Ukraine has a point. There’s more than one Rus’.

  • The Moscow Rus’
  • The Kievan Rus’
  • The Rus’ Khaganate
  • The Novgorodian Rusʹ
  • The Turovian Rusʹ
  • The White Rusʹ (modern-day Belarus)

The list goes on.

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