(VIDEO) CENTCOM General Warns ISIS-K Can Hit America ‘Under Six Months’; Commandant of the Marine Corps Defends Woke Training

Gen. Michael Kurilla, US Army. Gen. David Berger, US Marine Corps.

Never in my life would I have even imagined that I would defend an Army officer over a Marine Corps officer. But we live in some very strange times, indeed.

Here’s what’s up… two different articles from two different news sources, but published on the same day.

The first article is from the Washington Examiner detailing that the Commanding General of Central Command, Gen. Michael Kurilla, US Army, is warning that the Afghanistan chapter of ISIS has the wherewithal to hit American targets world-wide. To include within the borders of the United States.

Keep in mind that Gen. Kurilla testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee, telling the committee that time simply isn’t on our side;

“It’s hard to put a timeline on” how long it would take ISIS-K to carry out an attack, “but again, I assess that they could in as little as six months with little to no warning.”

Now we turn to Fox News reporting that the current Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. David Berger, is defending his woke policy of forcing Marines to attend DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) training;

“I have seen zero evidence of any policies that detract from that. Everything — and I travel almost every week, mainly to listen, mainly to ask questions, not to talk but to listen. And I’m looking for anything that distracts them from their warfighting focus, what it takes to fight and win. I don’t see any evidence of that,” he continued.

On Berger stating that he’s seen “zero evidence” that leftist indoctrination is lessening the Marine Corps’ combat readiness, I’m calling that out.

Seriously, Dave? Your social engineering isn’t distracting in even the slightest? Not even five percent, two percent… even one percent? Woke training is absolutely perfect at an absolute zero percentage. How interesting.

Time spent on mandatory DEI indoctrination instead of training all-hands how to call in air strikes, or tactical training in a chemical attack scenario, or constant and continual weapons training to the point where it becomes second nature?

As taken directly from the Department of Defense’s official DEI website, here’s just one small portion of what Berger says will make the Marine Corps more lethal and to keep our enemies quaking in their boots;

Ensure Department policies and organizational procedures do not present unnecessary barriers for populations with other identifiers, such as parental or caregiver status; gender identity or sexual identity, to include lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, asexual, and all others (LGBTQIA+).

Folks, anyone who tells the world that everything is essentially perfect, that same person has the same amount of credibility and legitimacy as say, the North Koreans telling the world that Kim Jong-un just won the latest election with 99.89 percent of the vote.

In other words, they’re full of shit.

The shape of things to come? From the film, Sicario: Day of the Soldado.

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