(VIDEO) Crashed Drone, US Military Worries of Environmental Damage – Communist China’s Navy Goes Blue Water, US Sec. of Navy Stressing ‘Climate Security’

This is what the CCP will add to its already massive fleet.

According to my father (ABFC, USN, Ret.), the Navy crashed and burned under the tutelage of Elmo Zumwalt. According to me (MSgt, USMC, Ret.), the Marine Corps went belly-up during the alleged leadership of David Berger.

It would be easier to blame the woes of these particular services on idiot woke civilian appointees. But face it, the Navy and the Marine Corps were destroyed from within.

I mean, it’s not as if the US European Command whined that the Russian downing of a US MQ-9 Reaper drone was “environmentally unsound.” No… wait.

With that aside, speaking of idiot woke civilian appointees, they’ve just making a bad situation worse.

A picture-perfect example would be that Communist China is ready and raring to shift their already powerful brown-water navy into an even more powerful blue-water navy.

As noted by reporter Mike Miller of RedState.com;

As reported by the Washington Examiner, Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro has said, multiple times, that fighting climate change has been one of his biggest priorities since taking office. During a recent trip to the Bahamas to meet with Bahamian Prime Minister Philip Davis, the two men talked at length about… wait for it… climate change, and what the United States is doing to fight it. Here’s Del Toro:

As the Secretary of the Navy, I can tell you that I have made climate one of my top priorities since the first day I came into office. The U.S. Navy and Marine Corps team has been working on climate and energy security for a long time, and we are accelerating and broadening those efforts.

Here’s what as me somewhat puzzled about Del Toro; He’s a graduate of the US Naval Academy at Annapolis. He wore the uniform, he also made it all the way to the rank of Commander.

As a matter of fact, here’s some of his testimony (as reported by TheHill.com) during his confirmation hearings at the US Senate;

Carlos Del Toro, President Biden’s nominee to be Navy secretary, pledged Tuesday to be “exclusively” focused on China if he is confirmed.

“It’s incredibly important to defend Taiwan in every way possible,” Del Toro told the Senate Armed Services Committee at his confirmation hearing. “It takes a holistic view of our national commitment to Taiwan. We should be focused on providing Taiwan with as much self-defensive measures as humanly possible.

Dept. of the Army’s official Den Mother, Christine Wormuth.

“And if confirmed to the Navy, I am going to be exclusively focused on the China threat and exclusively focused in moving our maritime strategy forward in order to protect Taiwan and all of our national security interests in the Indo-Pacific theater,” he added.

 Well, no matter how much Del Toro has his priorities screwed-up, things could be worse. A lot worse.

At least the Sea Services don’t answer to a Den Mother.

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