(VIDEO) Why a Hard-Core, ‘Murica-Loving Conservative Nationalist is Leery of Ron DeSantis

Is there a time for DeSantis to be president?

Just to make things clear, I’m not a Ron DeSantis hater. Personally, I really admire the job he’s done keeping the state of my birth free, safe and prosperous.

Doubly so when we keep in mind what a disconnected, out of touch, aggressive Stasi-like central government we have in DC.

Again, I personally believe that there will be a time when DeSantis should and will be elected to the Oval Office. But his time is 2028, not 2024. Of course. I’m of the opinion that next year’s election should be for President Trump.

Like I previously said, DeSantis is a great leader. I can easily see me one day voting for him.

Suffice it to say that I also happen to have a handful of reservations.

Boiling it all down, I can sum up my reservations into a single sentence;

“The only thing I don’t like about DeSantis is that he’s a career politician.”

The formula for DeSantis is the very definition of career politician.

Consider the following career path to the White House;

  1. Received his bachelor’s degree from an Ivy League school (Yale).
  2. Attended another Ivy League school (Harvard) to earn his law degree.
  3. Did a four-year hitch in the military, assigned to the Navy’s Judge Advocate General’s Corps.
  4. Went to work for the federal government (DoJ and the US Attorney’s Office.
  5. Served for two terms (four years total) in the US House of Representatives.
  6. Won his first run for his state’s governorship, which he won by less than 0.4 percent.
  7. Second run for the governor’s mansion, crushed his opponent by nearly 20 percent.

In all fairness, there was a point in time when DeSantis didn’t draw his paycheck from the taxpayers.

Sandwiched in between Yale and the US Navy, DeSantis worked for one year teaching history at a very swanky boarding school in Georgia, the Darlington School.

Far from teaching school in say… any American inner-city, here’s just a taste of the tuition charges at Darlington School per school year;

  • PreK-2 – $12,750
  • Grades 3-5 – $15,000
  • Grades 6-8 – $18,000
  • Grades 9-12 Domestic Boarding – $54,980
  • Grades 9-12 International Boarding – $64,080

Keep in mind that this is just tuition. Not factored in were uniform costs and a myriad of various fees.

Anyhow, back to DeSantis.

Previously cited, DeSantis won his first gubernatorial race by a razor-thinĀ  majority .

Keep in mind that DeSantis wasn’t supposed to win this particular election. Also keep in mind that during DeSantis hitting the campaign trail, President Trump held five separate rallies in the state of Florida to help DeSantis win.

Just me, but it was Trump who dragged DeSantis’ wheezing carcass across the finish line.

If for no other reason, out of pure personal integrity, DeSantis should take a pass on 2024. The more I think about it, shouldn’t he hit the trail campaigning for Trump?

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