(VIDEO) White B-Baller has Words with Black B-Baller, Media Loses It; Black B-Baller Sucker-Punches White B-Baller, Media Yawns

Clockwise from upper left: Jamirah Shutes, Elissa Brett, Hailey Van Lith, Sonia Morris.

I’ll be honest, I don’t watch a lot of women’s basketball. But when it comes to selective outrage on behalf on the national media, that’s when I pay attention.

Earlier this week, Hailey Van Lith of the University of Louisville had less than a minor dustup with opponent Sonya Morris of the University of Texas.

Long story short, Louisville won. As is the custom in college basketball, both teams line up in the “handshake line” to congratulate each other for a game well played. Turns out that Van Lith and Morris were the first in their respective lines.

From where I stand, I see Morris not high-fiving, but rather barking into Van Lith’s ear. Obviously, the Louisville player wanted none of it, then essentially blew Morris off.

Enter the liberal media. How dare this blonde-haired, blue-eyed Viking queen ignore this “woman of color”? By the way, Van Lith scored 21 points in the game. Morris? Two.

Then we come to the game between Bowling Green State University and Memphis University. During the post-game handshake line,” Adelaide, Australia born-and-bred player for BGSU, Elissa Brett, was seen essentially sucker-punched my Memphis player, Jamirah Shutes.

For the most part, the national media has, at best, given this a rather large yawn. Box scores note that Brett scored 15, while Shutes scored 13.

Speaking of Shutes, according to the New York Post;

“Following Thursday’s unwarranted physical incident after the WNIT home game, the Bowling Green State University Police Department has charged a member of the Memphis Women’s Basketball team with assault,” the university’s statement said.

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