Moscow Mercenaries: Wagner Group now Recruiting Troops on PornHub

Not the kind of pole they were promised.

Call it what you will; Choking the Chechen; Oiling your AK; Polishing the Potemkin; Beating the Boyar… whatever. The bottom line is that pornography-on-line is big business in Russia.

The below tweet sent out by the Ukrainian news site, Українська правда (Ukrainian Truth), is letting the world know that the Moscow-backed Wagner mercenary group is recruiting on PornHub.

Isn’t it Putin who’s always slamming us for being degenerates.

Anyhow, but as reported by the New York Post, they translate the actual message on the ad;

Russia’s Wagner mercenary group is so hard-pressed to replenish its ranks depleted by months of bloody battles in Ukraine that it has turned to Pornhub to recruit soldiers.

“Is always moose and squirrel.”

The private army, founded by Yevgeny Prigozhin, a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has placed a highly suggestive ad on the popular porn site, urging male viewers to stop pleasuring themselves and instead apply for a job at Wagner.

In the commercial, a blonde woman wearing red lipstick is seen twirling an oversized lollipop in her mouth, while a husky female voice purrs in the background: “we are the f–king coolest private army in the world.”

“We are recruiting fighters from all regions of Russia.

“Don’t whack off, go work for PMC Wagner.”

To be perfectly honest, I won’t slam Russia for scraping the bottom of the barrel.

After all the maximum age for joining the US Navy, US Air Force, US Space Force is a grand-parent friendly 39-years-old.

If you’re curious, here’s the maximum enlisted age for all the other military services;

  • US Army – 35
  • US Coast Guard – 31
  • US Marine Corps – 28

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