(VIDEO) Is Canadian Conservative Lauren Southern Really a Man?

Is the flower of Canadian womanhood actually a dude?

To say that Lauren Southern is simply “good looking” is an understatement.

I don’t mean just a slight understatement… I mean this chick is downright smokin’. Or as my Spanish-speaking friends would say, ella está fumando caliente.

But first, if you think this “Men can have periods” nonsense is a somewhat new phenomenon, guess again.

Lauren Southern proved years ago that Western liberalism has simply lost their collective minds.

But back to Lauren Southern. Despite her being a Golden Ticket winner in the genetic lottery, she isn’t a model or a “brand ambassador” for whatever given business or product. She’s actually a pretty hard-core conservative activist.

With all that aside, here’s the primary question: Is Lauren Southern actually a guy? Well, yes and no.

Better yet, I think I’ll just Southern herself explain.

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