(VIDEO) Thank You, Nancy; Proof That the United States REALLY IS a Third World Banana Republic

When I first heard of Pelosi’s latest truth-slip, I was actually comparing prices for silver and gold. I’ll admit it, my faith in government-issued paper money is nosediving by the minute.

Don’t forget, Nixon took the US dollar off of the gold standard decades ago. Any muscle behind our dollar is based on nothing more than the power of the US economy.

A mind-bending $31 trillion in debt and at least $200 billion in cash prizes and parting gifts to Afghanistan and Ukraine… well, you get the picture.

Anyhow, I’ve decided against precious metals. I’ll instead be investing in lead and copper.

Just my opinion, but that’s where the smart money will be. At least while it still has some value to it.

So why am I so wound up and acting like America is quickly descending into a fourth-rate police state? Because we are.

As seen below, former Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi just shot out a tweet saying that President Trump will have the “right to a trial to prove innocence.”

This isn’t just a simple slip-of-the tongue or even a Scotch-soaked misstep. Pelosi knew exactly what she was saying. The proof of guilt is incumbent on the government is now a thing of the past.

Yeah, yeah… I know. The letter of the law hasn’t changed, so I’m getting wound-up over nothing.

That’s an arguable point. But what isn’t is Pelosi proving (to me, anyway) what the prevailing mindset is in Washington, DC.

One other thing; notice the first sentence? How do we know if the Grand Jury acted upon facts and law? It’s SEALED for God’s sake.

But then again, she’s the same person who said that House members had to vote for a bill (Obama Care) before they could see what’s in the bill.

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