(VIDEO) Men Stealing what Women Fought For; Riley Gains Attacked, Assaulted at SFSU

Attacked at SFSU.

Remember back in the 60s and 70s when women fought so hard for Title IX and to ensure it was enforced? For those whose history is a bit on the fuzzy side, Title IX essentially ruled that women’s collegiate sports should also be on par with men’s sports.

But along came the 21st Century. Specifically, the second decade of this particular century.

This is the era of masculine menstruation and feminine ferocity. For whatever bizarre reason, men need tampons, women need to have their perfectly healthy breasts hacked off.

Has a real reason to wear a sports bra and probably doesn’t drink Bud Light.

I swear… if I could ask a couple of questions to those who consider this as “normal,” they would be:

  1. Do you consider delusions to be a sign of mental illness?
  2. If a loved one were ever diagnosed as psychotic, would you trust a psychiatric medical doctor who advised that same loved one that the voices in his head were normal and natural, and that he should do whatever the voices tell him to do?

Anyhow, former NCAA swimmer Riley Gains is defending women involved in women’s sports.

She’s even decided to plead her case in the one place in America where open discourse is always welcome; the world of academia.

No… wait.

Here’s what happened to Gains at San Francisco State University.

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