(VIDEO) Tony ‘Fortune Cookie’ Fauci; All the Credibility of a Chinese Restuarant Horoscope Placemat

No Fauci Ouchie for me…

Keep the masses in a constant state of fear. That’s pretty much what the highest paid individual ever employed by the federal government.

Coming as a surprise to no one, recently was a featured speaker by the Council on Foreign Relations where he tried to dazzle us mouth breathers by using phrases such as “corporate memory” (meaning that top-down leadership needs to be prepared for… well, anything). Gee, what insight.

While scaring the bejeezus out of everyone predicting “the next pandemic,” The Fauch also screwed the pooch by accidentally showing his hand.

As seen in the video below, he predicts that the next pandemic will hit us sometime between the next 12 to 360 months.

In the meantime, it’s incumbent that the populace be “perpetually prepared.” In other words, in a constant state of fear and ready to surrender our God-given freedoms.

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