(VIDEO) What a Maroon: Biden Somehow Manages to Out-Biden Himself

Anyone with even a passing knowledge of the history of Ireland knows who the Black and Tans are. Along the same lines, anyone with even a passing knowledge of rugby know who the All Blacks are.

For those out of the Hibernian loop, the Black and Tans were the English king’s uniformed thugs stationed in Ireland back in the 1920s.

Biden’s selfie with the Marxist-friendly Irish terrorist, Jerry Adams.

The Black and Tans were infamous for murdering Irish-Catholic non-combatant men, women, and children, to include priests and nuns.

The same also had quite the penchant for razing Irish cities and towns to the ground.

The All Blacks are arguably the greatest rugby team on the planet. The New Zealand team’s name has nothing to do with skin color, but takes their name from the completely black-colored uniforms they wear.

Enter the world’s foremost Plastic Paddy, Joe Biden.

It was yet another of those cringe-worthy moments when Slow Joe went off-script, in of all places, Ireland.

Also notice his delivery. Nearly 50-years of drawing a government paycheck proves that career politicians really do believe the bullshit they’re peddling.

By the way… you really didn’t think that Biden or Robinette were Irish family names, did you?

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