What’s in a Name? Schools with Strange and Unique Mascot Nicknames

So, what is in a name? Thankfully, more than a few schools go against the grain.

Some are whimsical, some take a swipe at political correctness. All of them are fun.

For decades, Red Mesa High School of the Navajo Nation section located in northeastern Arizona, had and still has their school nickname of the Redskins. Take that, Woke America.
Harrison High School of Harrison, AR, is the home of the Goblins. Just me, but doesn’t that look a lot like David Bowie in Labyrinth?
Always claiming he never aged past 39-years-old, Jack Benny’s hometown of Waukegan, IL, named one of their junior high schools in his honor. Of course, the teams are known as the Fightin’ 39’ers.
Yes, Vincent… UCSC has actually adopted the lowly banana slugs as their mascot. They had (what alcoholics call) “a moment of clarity.”
Yes, that really is their warm-up uni. When Yuma HS burned down back in 1908, the only facility that would work was the then-closed Yuma Territorial Prison. I predict the school will eventually change the name. God forbid real criminals get offended. 
Proud of their solvently appearance, the California State University, Long Beach baseball team is officially tagged as the Dirtbags. I can relate. All the other sports are known simply as Beach.
Perhaps ruining it for the Arkansas School for the One-Armed, the Arkansas School for the Deaf proves that their sense of humor is 100 percent intact. 

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