(VIDEO) Hard-Core Libertarian Running for Guatemala’s Presidency

Working to save Latin America from Socialism.

She may have the look of an international super-model, but don’t let looks mislead you.

While it’s fairly obvious that Gloria Álvarez, 38, won the genetic lottery, she’s also one of the leading anti-leftist voices throughout Latin America.

So much so, she’s announced her candidacy for the presidency of her home country of Guatemala.

The daughter of a father who escaped Cuban Communism, and a mother who escaped Hungarian Communism, Álvarez has not only the lineage, but also the paper to prove she knows what she’s talking about.

Never majoring in Lesbian Dance Theory nor Marxist Mass Media, she has accomplished the following;

  • Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Political Science from Francisco Marroquin University (Guatemala).
  • Postgraduate Degree in Politics and Economics from Georgetown University.
  • Master’s Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belguim) in Anthropology and International Development.
  • Another Master’s degree in Applied Anthropology from The Sapienza University of Rome.
  • Yet another Master’s in Public Management from the School of Government in Guatemala City.

Sadly, even Álvarez admits that even if elected this June, she’ll never be allowed to constitutionally assume office. Per the Guatemalan constitution, one must be at least 40-years-old.

Another curious Guatemalan law, any given candidate MUST represent a political party… a political party that’s been “approved” by the central government. Personal note: If that law was in place here in America, what kind of chance would the much hated “MAGA Republicans” ever have?

The politics of Donald, the smokin’ good looks of Melania.

With that aside, Álvarez was the focus of an article by John Stossel of Reason.com. Here’s just a bit of this first rate report;

There’s a socialist wave in Latin America. Mexico, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil recently elected leftists.

These politicians at least distance themselves from thugs like Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, but all propose socialism-lite policies giving government more control over more people.

Why don’t people in Latin America learn from the mistakes of the past? Gloria Álvarez, a social media star from Guatemala, is running for president of her country to try to educate people about the damage socialism does.

People do need educating.

“It’s like Stockholm syndrome,” says Álvarez in my new video. “When you ask people, ‘Who should take care of health, education, football, arts, whatever?’ They always answer, ‘government.’ How are you going to not have corruption if you leave everything in the hands of the government?”

Álvarez’s campaign is based on social media. Her TikTok announcing her campaign garnered 1.5 million views.

I’d like to think I taught her how to do that. Álvarez was once a Stossel TV Fellow. I’m hiring another now.

We helped Álvarez make a video about socialism that got a remarkable 15 million views.

But she knew about socialism well before that. She went to a libertarian university, Francisco Marroquin. “One thing that they do is teach socialism and communism. They make you read Marx and Engels…. This is lacking in most national universities. People push for socialism because they don’t study it.”

One survey found that most millennials support socialism. But “when they were asked to define or describe socialism, none of them could!” says Álvarez. “They don’t know socialism’s massive failures.”

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