(VIDEO) Far From a Comprehensive List, but Here are the Scum that are the REAL Movers and Shakers

Of course there are the likes of Sen. Chuck Schumer, Sen. Dick Durban, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Adam Schiff, etc., who didn’t hesitate to openly lie to the American people

But remember, these folks are members of the Legislative Branch. Definitely they would benefit from conspiring to frame Pres. Trump, but not like those in the Executive Branch.

As noted by Carl Higbie of Newsmax in the video below, those pictured all knew, but they also still lied to us with straight faces.

However, I noticed something a bit different than what Higbie was pointing out. As I already noted, they’re all in the Executive Branch.

As much as crushing Trump would be advantageous to liberal members of the US Congress and liberal Justices on the SCOTUS, those in the Executive Branch are the ones calling the shots.

Lying through their teeth would benefit the Obama Empire, especially with acolytes like Crooked Hillary and Slow Joe waiting in the wings.

Don’t forget… those in the DoJ and the CIA also have their own particular princely estates to reign over.

Men like Donald Trump (and those like-minded) want to drain the swamp. Those in charge at the DoJ and the CIA ALWAYS want to see The Swamp wider and deeper.

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