K.T. McFarland; Get Ready for the FBI and CIA to Throw Everything at Trump Run in 2024

Formerly Pres. Trump’s Deputy National Security Advisor, K.T. McFarland is correctly calling balls and strikes, even though some on the home team won’t and don’t appreciate her frankness.

As seen in the tweet below, the FBI tried like hell (but thankfully, failed) to interfere with the 2016 election.

The CIA DID interfere in the 2020 election. America is still on the decline from that coup for the Deep State.

Now that both of these alphabet federal monstrosities have their treasonous behavior exposed, they’re painted into a corner.

Like a wounded beast, they have no other option but to throw everything to include the kitchen sink at Donald Trump.

Wait a sec… not just the FBI and the CIA. You can bet your paycheck that every federal agency and department will betray what this nation was built upon.

Here’s the real question – how many of us will have the guts to take a stand?

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