The Latest Sign of ‘White Supremacy’: Waking Up Early

Let me see if I have at least some of the indicators of white supremacy as defined by the literally mentally sick Left;

  • Math
  • Fields
  • Hard Work
  • Spices
  • The Betsy Ross Flag (The 13 Star Flag)
  • Tea
  • Good Grades
  • Classical Music
  • Goals
  • Picnics
  • Openly Supporting Local Law Enforcement
  • Cakewalks
  • Red MAGA Hats
  • Home Ownership
  • Coffee
  • The Masters Tournament
  • Original Flag of the US Marine Corps (Gadsten Flag)
  • More than $1,000 in the Family Savings Account

Did I miss any? I’m sure I did.

But the latest indicator of the predominance of folks of the Caucasian persuasion hasn’t slipped by me.

As reported by Anthony Bernardi of the hard-core leftie propaganda site,, here’s the stunningly stupid headline and just a few of the opening paragraphs; (NOTE: I couldn’t make it past the first few paragraphs… I could feel both my IQ and sperm count starting to drop.)

Why Waking Up Early Is Rooted in White Supremacy

The notion of waking up early and starting your day with the rising sun is often associated with productivity, success, and a strong work ethic. However, this seemingly innocuous concept is not without its historical and cultural implications. In this article, we will explore the origins of the early-rising narrative and how it is rooted in white supremacy, contributing to the perpetuation of racial inequalities.

The Intersection of Early Rising and White Supremacy

The early-rising ideology is not inherently racist; however, its connections to white supremacy can be seen when examining the broader historical and social contexts. During the era of European colonialism and the Atlantic slave trade, the concept of hard work and productivity became intertwined with race.

Just so you know who Anthony Bernardi is, the only personal info of him on the website consists of a singular, terse sentence;

I write about social justice and cooking

Here are just a few of the headlines Bernardi’s penned;

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