Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing? McCarthy Threatens FBI Boss with Contempt of Congress

But will anything actually become of any of this, or just more smoke and mirrors?

Well, I guess we’ll find out soon enough if Lady Justice really is blindfolded, or if laws are just a case of The Swamp looking down their noses at us and sneering, “Laws for thee, not for me.”

News on the street is that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has given the Director of the FBI Christopher Wray until today to turn over a certain document that very well may be the figurative smoking gun in (yet another) #BidenCrimeFamily scam accepting $5 million from the CCP Chinese Communist Party.

Don’t forget, when Nancy Pelosi wielded the gavel, she made sure that former-Trump advisors Peter Navarro and Steve Bannon were arrested under the same charges of Contempt of Congress.

Keep in mind that Bannon was sentenced to four months in prison, while Navarro’s time in court has been delayed.

Color me jaded, but I’m of the opinion that Lady Justice is actually wearing a ball gag, not a blindfold.

I also ask that you keep in mind that it was Wray’s FBI who arrested both Navarro and Bannon in their respective Contempt of Congress charges. The last time an American citizen was arrested for Contempt of Congress was almost half-century ago (1984).

But back to the topic at hand, does anyone really think that FBI agents will be the ones ‘cuffing their own boss? Not only no, but hell no.

US Marshals Service? They answer to the Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Agents from the Department of Homeland Security? Head honcho over there is Alejandro Mayorkas.

With very few exceptions, federal organizations with arrest authority all answer to the Chief Executive.
One of the exceptions would be the Supreme Court Police, but don’t count on them. They’re the someone’s who’re supposed to arrest those intimidating Justices, to include those marching and screaming outside the homes of Justices. We all see how that (didn’t) work out.
Just me, but it seems that the only law enforcement official who would have the authority as well at the guts to blow off the Deep State would be the Sergeant-at-Arms for the House, who is also a member of the Capitol Police.
A couple other things to keep in mind;
  • The Sergeant-at-Arms for the House is answerable directly to the Speaker of the House.
  • The House Sergeant-at-Arms only has arrest authority (in the case of non-violent crimes) within the confines of the House chambers and grounds (parking lots, etc.).
Looks as if as long as Wray doesn’t set foot on Capitol Hill, he’ll continue to tell the Speaker of the House to go to Hell.

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