(VIDEO) ‘Pride Month’: Narcissists Demands the Entire World Know Where They Slosh Their Junk

What do these soccer players have in common with homosexuals?

I find it interesting that they choose one of the Deadly Sins to name their movement.

Never in my life have I ever seen so many people want to make known the deepest and most private moments of their personal lives known to the public.

Not only do the advocates of sodomy want everyone on the planet to know what they do with their genitalia, they now demand that everyone on the planet celebrate this as somehow normal.

Just the facts…

Folks, if any given individual is under the impression that some guy sloshing his penis around in another guy’s shit-filled colon as normal, then I’m not the one having a problem comprehending the meaning of the word normal.

For those of us old enough to remember the ’70s and the ’80s, the battle cry of the homosexuals was “Just let us live our lives in the privacy of our own homes.” Supposedly, all they wanted was tolerance. By and large, most Americans (wrongly) gave them the same tolerance they craved so badly.

Time has gone by, it sure as hell isn’t the 70s or 80s anymore. They no longer want mere tolerance. It’s now a case of forced acceptance… or else. Just look to Canada’s Nazi-sounding Human Rights Tribunals.

Nonetheless, the subtle brainwashing marches on.

Just going to the gym, you get the forced acceptance as normal thrown in your face. Stopping off at the grocery store for a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread, you get the forced acceptance as normal thrown in your face. Attend any given sporting event, you get the forced acceptance as normal thrown in your face. Any form of mass media, be it TV or the movies or anything on the internet, you get the forced acceptance as normal thrown in your face.

Never mind basic biology. Never mind that a man’s penis and a woman’s vagina are actually complimentary of each other. Never mind that the entire purpose of the sex drive is primarily for the propagation of the species. Never mind that the overwhelming majority of those reading this actually adhere to the religious notion that a man having sexual relations with another man is considered filthy.

Face it… they worship their orgasm. The only moral compass they have is whatever direction their feces-encrusted erection points them to.

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