Stupidity, Irish-Style: Government Reviving Plan to Slaughter 200,000 Cattle to ‘Meet Climate Targets’

The government wants to do to Irish cows what the Black and Tans used to do to the Irish people.

Couldn’t we just cull Leftists instead?

Like millions of other Americans, I’m proud of my Irish lineage. But I’m not so proud that I’ll look the other way when the land of my ancestors happens to be the world’s largest petri dish.

The Left has used Ireland as an experiment to see what happens when the same embraces socialism, woke-ism, globalism, and purposefully abandons The Almighty.

To be perfectly blunt, I wouldn’t give a hoot in hell for the Irish Republic. Between Second Vatican Council and the United Nations, Ireland proves how low a once proud nation and people can sink so low.

Here’s just my latest reason why my opinion of the Dublin government is scraping rock bottom — the Irish government is resurrecting a 2021 plan to slaughter 200,000 head of cattle in order to keep up with their planned targets for reducing carbon emissions.

Interestingly enough, less than two weeks ago I cited scientific studies showing that termites and cockroaches actually emit more methane into the atmosphere than bovines.

But that aside, here’s a bit of what Sky News Australia reported:

Geologist Ian Plimer has criticised the move for Ireland to cull 200,000 head of cattle in a bold effort to meet climate targets.

The Great Hunger, Part II?

Mr Plimer said leaders telling primary producers what to do “can only end in disaster”.

“The Irish know about this from the potato famine,” he said.

“A third of their population died, a third emigrated, and the same thing will happen.

“They will lose productive people from Ireland and they’ll go somewhere else.”

By the way, the screamingly leftist The Guardian of London notes that 200K dead cows isn’t nearly enough:

Up to 1.3 million cattle would have to be culled in Ireland to reach anticipated government targets for reducing greenhouse gases in the agriculture sector, a new report has concluded.

KPMG [a London-based accounting firm] looked at four scenarios, concluding that rural Ireland faced a €4bn hit to the economy and the loss of more than 56,000 jobs if the government opted for the 30% target.

It also warned that a 30% cut would require a 20% cut in cattle numbers, 22% of the beef herd and 18% of the dairy herd.

With 6.5 million cattle in the country according to official Central Statistics Office data this equates to a reduction of 1.3 million of the national herd.

The lower target of 21% would mean a reduction of about 5%, or 325,000 cattle, according to the KPMG analysis.

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