Super Bowl Champ, Faithful Catholic Harrison Butker Photobombs Joe Biden, Hammers Francis

Harrison Butker, unapologetically Catholic.

The list of CINOs is as wide as it is deep. Ranging from Joe Biden to Andrew Cuomo to Jorge Bergoglio to nearly every member of the German Council of Catholic Bishops (Deutsche Bischofskonferenz).

The number of those who call themselves Catholic, but brazenly and quite publicly disobey over 2,ooo years of Catholic teaching never seems to end.

But every so often, a faithful Catholic with a functioning spine will call out the phonies. Just a few examples would be Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone when he banned Nancy Pelosi from receiving Holy Communion, as well as Archbishop Carlo Viganò slapping-down lefties of every degree and stripe.

Another example would be Traditional Catholic and kicker for the Super Bowl winning Kansas City Chiefs, Harrison Butker.

Worthy of a graduate of SERE School, after the team was invited to the White House for a photo op, posing nearly right behind Biden, Butker managed to slip in a couple of non-verbal jabs.

As reported by Mary Margaret Olohan of the Daily Signal;

When the Kansas City Chiefs visited the White House on Monday to celebrate their Super Bowl win, one of their star players was sporting a pro-life message.

Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker’s tie read “Vulnerari Praesidio,” which translates from Latin to mean “protect the most vulnerable.” That tie was designed for him by the pro-life organization Live Action, The Daily Signal has learned, specifically for this visit to the most pro-abortion administration in United States history.

He also wore a gold pin replicating the size of a 10-week-old aborted baby’s feet, intended to draw awareness to the many thousands of unborn babies killed through abortion every year.

But simply being a conservative Christian, Butker’s personal story goes against the grain of what the media orders us to believe what young people are supposed to believe.

In a 2022 article by Joe Bukuras of the Catholic World Report;

Butker, 26, is the starting placekicker for the Kansas City Chiefs. His 2020 Super Bowl ring is a symbol of great accomplishment. But during CNA’s exclusive interview with the NFL star on Feb. 13, it was his wedding ring that he was twisting and turning as he thought about his wife, Isabelle, and their two young children and what their future might be if he is no longer able to take them to the Traditional Latin Mass.

Yes, that’s Butker serving at the foot of the altar.

Butker hasn’t been shy about discussing his Catholic faith. In a 2019 interview with EWTN, he spoke about how the reverence and rigor he found in the Traditional Latin Mass played an instrumental role in his “re-version” to Catholicism while in college at Georgia Tech. You can watch the segment in the video below.

When asked his opinion of Francis’ new restrictions resulting in a nearly total ban of the Traditional Latin Mass, Bukuras notes;

“It makes them feel like they’re outcasted and like they’re being persecuted. And from my experience, these are just people that understand they are sinners. They want to have access to the sacraments. They want to be connected to the sacraments that have fed so many countless saints. And it seems like they’re getting punished for their love and devotion to the faith and to the Eucharist and all of the church’s sacraments.”

So take baptism, for instance. In the traditional rite during baptism, there’s so many exorcism prayers, tons of saints are invoked. It’s very beautiful and it does make it seem like there is a devil. There is evil in the world. There is original sin. What’s happening here is important. It’s not just, “Oh wow, it’s great our child is now kind of part of our faith community at our Church.” No, this is real. They’re getting baptized. They’re getting their original sin washed away. And I think you can go down the line with all the traditional rite sacraments and you will see beauty in that it’s unapologetically Catholic.

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