P and Z: Busting the Myth of ‘Two Consenting Adults Behind Closed Doors’

We’ve all heard it a thousand times; “We just want ‘tolerance’ for what we do in the privacy of our own homes.”

“Tolerance” has been shoved in our faces since the 1970s. Unfortunately, the American people have given into their entire agenda. So, now if you have even the slightest moral, theological or even biological objections to active sodomy, you’re now worse than Hitler.

As I purposefully stated, unfortunately, the whole “two consenting adults” argument has been swallowed hook, line and sinker.

Once we as a culture allow the first “tolerance” domino to fall, how much real thought have we, as a culture, given in thought as to what will happen to our culture before the last domino falls?

A couple of years back, I had a run in with Antifa and BLM activists.¬†They kept screaming about the “sins and crimes” of our Founding Fathers going back 250 years.

With an accusatory finger, I shouted back, “How do you think people will judge YOU 250 years from now?”

That painfully simple question stunned them, but like the drones they are, they quickly went back to the script they memorized instead of giving their brains half-a-chance.

Give it time.

But back to the topic at hand. Once we allow the door to be opened and we culturally accept actions that are by definition; filthy, what happens between the second and the last domino falling?

We’re already knee-deep in overweight male transvestites grinding their collective crotches in your children’s faces; the mentally ill can now change genders based on little more than feeeeelings.

Let’s follow this domino chain to its logical conclusion.

It’s nearly daily that the initials LGBT have a new letter, number or punctuation mark. Please keep in mind that the movement to socially accept homosexuality has only existed for roughly half-a-century.

As legitimized by The Ethics Centre of Sydney, Australia, the letters “P” and “Z” have been added to the initialism of LGBT.

Hold on to your hat… “P” stands for pedophile, “Z” stands for zoophile. Yes, raping children and animals is slowly but surely becoming normalized.

“P”s argue in favor of lowering the legal age of consent to as low as 12. “Z”s have argued that dogs can “consent” to sex if they greet you by wagging their tails.

What in the Catherine the Great is goin’ on around here? Whole new meaning to horseplay.

Have we reached the depths of depravity? Hell, no. Not even close.

Back to my initial argument against the “two consenting adults” fraud, why stop at two?¬†Furthermore, that particular argument leans heavily on “consenting adults.”

Soooo, to follow this argument through to its logical conclusion, homosexual and lesbian incestuous group sex is perfectly acceptable. Just so long as everyone is over 18, right?

Granddad having sex with his own son and granddaughter would be perfectly acceptable according to the “consenting adults” mantra.

The last domino falling will be indistinguishable from one giant, sweaty furball of horny geriatrics, hyper-sexed parents who still can’t figure out if they’re fish or fowl, targeted pre-pubescents, and all manner of barnyard animals. How woke.

All because we happily allowed the first domino to fall.

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