(VIDEO) That’s It – I’m Now Officially Calling This Elder Abuse

Which way do I go, which way do I go?

He slurs his way through the word “say,” instead pronouncing it like shay.

He’s incapable of correctly pronouncing “photographer.” How Biden manages to flip-flop vowels and magically add consonants is verbal jiu-jitsu in its highest form.

He has obvious trouble completing the sentence, “Don’t make a li…” I guess catching Freudian slips must be the only part of his brain that is still hitting on all cylinders.

The supposed line, “Dog-faced lyin’ pony soldier” is in no John Wayne movie… ever. By the way, who in the hell is a Jzhaahn Wayne?

Lastly, for a guy who is supposedly a staunch Irish-Catholic (never mind that his surname and middle names are traced back to hard-core English blue-blooded Protestants, as well as consistently violating even the basics of the Church), what in the world could possibly possess him to invoke the British monarchy before not knowing which direction he should exit the stage?

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