(VIDEO) Well, You Don’t See That Everyday: Little League Triple in the Bigs

Yes, I’m a Padres fan. One of the few east of the Mississippi. Wait… who am I kidding? One of the few east of the Colorado River.

But there was a play today that I have to share with the world.

Here’s what’s up. Bottom of the third, Padres vs. Tampa Bay Rays. Padres have runners on the corners, Tatis, Jr. on first, Grisham on third.

Slugger Juan Soto’s at bat. He makes minimal contact with the ball, hitting a weak nubber that went maybe 10 feet in front of him (and that’s being generous).

Long story short, Soto ends up on third with two RBIs added to his tally.

Seeing and hearing how the Padres players and fans reacted was the exclamation point for a perfect Father’s Day.

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