(VIDEO) Dems Say the Silent Part Out-Loud: ‘[Trump] Needs to be Shot’

Del. Stacey Plaskett (D-Virgin Islands).

Del. Stacey Plaskett (D-Virgin Islands) just so happens to be the Democrat Party’s Ranking Member of the US House Judiciary Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. She also REALLY screwed-up during her recent appearance on MSNBC.

First, I’d like to point out the second video posted below.

Amazing how she so effortlessly paints “MAGA Republicans” as the real threat to America’s ongoing 248-year experiment with a republican form of democracy.

I’d like to point out to the chick who’s not even from the USVI (she’s an upper-middle class wannabe-rich kid from Bushwick, Brooklyn), hey sugar britches… MAGA Republicans aren’t the ones calling for the assassination of Joe Biden, Freudian slip or not.

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