‘Community Policing’: The Solution to Runaway Crime in Leftist-Ruled Cities and States

Other than the Soros bought-and-paid-for District Attorneys and Attorneys General cutting violent criminals loose from sea to shining sea, in our ever-declining Western culture, law enforcement overall is scared to death of being labeled as racists (see videos below of a Christian being attacked by approximately 20 Islamists in London’s famed Speaker’s Corner, then the London Metropolitan Police literally running away from Islamist rioters).

Back on this side of the Atlantic, the Defund the Police movement is off the rails. Forget about criminals shooting them in the face, cops in America are scared to death of being stabbed in the back by the same city, county, state or federal government that hired them in the first place.

With that aside, the leftists (along with their reliably fawning Establishment Media) have been advocating something called Community Policing to help alleviate the lack of uniformed officers on the streets.

So how has Community Policing actually worked-out? Just ask former-US Marine Daniel Penny.

So far, the charge against him is second-degree manslaughter. That’s a maximum of 15-years in prison according to FindLaw.com.

Short of choking-out a homicidal maniac threatening to personally murder women and children on the New York City’s subway system, how should the citizenry now do the job of policing the community?

Suffice it to say that I’m not a lawyer and that laws vary from community to community as well as from state to state. Here’s what I think is something that small business owners might want to take a look at, consider, and if so inclined, check to see what the legality if they implement my suggestion;

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