VIDEO – Dutch ‘Milkmaid’ Holding Milk Bottles Accused of White Supremacy; Warns Americans, ‘Hold onto that Second Amendment of Yours’

“Cow’s milk turned out to be a popular symbol for white supremacy” – NPO 3, government-funded Dutch news station.

As I recently posted, 27-year-old Eva Vlaadingerbroek has emerged as quite the populist voice in the Netherlands. It goes without saying that the leftist Dutch government hates everything about her and everything she stands for.

As seen in the somewhat dated tweet below, Vlaadingerbroek was hammered by a government media network, insinuating that she was posing with a few bottles of white milk… supposedly a dog-whistle for right-wing extremists;

Eva “The Milkmaid” Vlaadingerbroek. Isn’t she scary?

The Dutch government’s tweet links to an article from the state-funded NPO 3 TV network’s article that clearly states;

“Cow’s milk turned out to be a popular symbol for white supremacy, the belief that white people are superior to others and must dominate them.”

But wait… there’s more.

The government’s schill, NPO 3 (Nederlandse Publieke Omroep drie), goes on to say (with a straight face); Emphasis mine

The choice of milk as a racist symbol does not come out of the blue. According to Willem Wagenaar, who conducts research for the Anne Frank House into right-wing extremism, drinking milk expresses the idea of a collective, white connectedness. “People of European descent talk about the generally more likely to have a physical tolerance to lactose than people with another background,” he explains. “That fact is used to describe the us-them thinking, that is a central theme within the ideology.”

The peculiar pride of being able to dairy; Digestion has a long history, according to scientific research. In the first decades of the last century, a period when many Westerners were fascinated by eugenics or ‘race improvement’, the lactose intolerance of certain population groups was already cited to demonstrate their alleged inferiority. Thus, East Asians were derogatorily referred to as “rice eaters” who are said to be weak and feminine due to their lack of meat and dairy consumption.

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