(VIDEO) The Time for Term Limits is NOW; Democrats Aren’t Alone, Mitch McConnell’s Vapor Lock

No… you can’t see the wheels turning.

Be it known that I have a world of respect for Monica Showalter of The American Thinker. But unlike Lefties, it really is OK for us to disagree with our fellow conservatives.

Here’s what’s up… Showalter did a piece on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell vapor locking today at an impromptu news conference.

Upon watching the video itself, I initially thought that McConnell was waiting for a teleprompter to catch-up for a canned statement he’s probably used a hundred times before.

I’m melting… melllllting.

No, I was wrong. McConnell fully and completely locked-up.

Here’s where I disagree with McConnell; As she openly (and rightly) railed against the lack of term limits in the federal government, she plainly stated;

“Are the Democrats the only ones with a “Dianne Feinstein” problem, that of entrenched leaders who are visibly shambling apart, yet impossible to remove from power?”

No, she’s wrong. As we all know, the Constitution clearly says that for disasters like Biden stealing the Oval Office, there’s something called impeachment.

When it comes to members of the Senate and the House, there is no such provision. But I will note that it was the people of that state or district who voted for these idiots to begin with.

Of course, it’s illegal to legislate common sense and love of country… that were we conservatives need to step-in and educate our fellow citizens.

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