Yes, Enes. That’s EXACTLY What You Should Do; ‘Should I Put on a Wig, Identify as a Woman and Start Dominating the WNBA?’

First things first. As a boy, I was a helluva San Francisco-Oakland-Daly City-San Jose-San Diego-Golden State Warriors fan.

Sadly, the vast majority of players morphed from being world-class athletes to world-class showboats (what I call The Muhammed Ali Effect. UFC’s Conor McGregor falls into this same category).

Anyhow, the Swiss-born, Turkish-raised ex-NBA star Enes Kanter Freedom is well known for his love of America (hence his legal new last name “Freedom”).

But what makes Freedom stand-out in the crowd is his habit of hammering the likes of LeBron James and John Cena for brown-nosing and kowtowing to the uber-wealthy party bosses in Communist China who sign their massive paychecks.

So, now our young Mr. Freedom has weighed in on men starting to dominate women’s sports;

If I had an ounce of athletic ability in my rather uncoordinated body, I’d do everything physically possible to beat these wannabe gals at their own game. But I don’t.

That’s why I hope that Freedom’s apparent rhetorical question is actually a veiled promise.


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