Sanctuary New York State Orders National Guard to ‘Secure’ Hotels in Buffalo, Then Kicks-Out Illegals from College Dorms After Sex Attacks

New York is schizophrenic. I just can’t think of any other way to put it.

On one hand, the governor, Kathy Hochul D-NY, orders the NY National Guard to the North-West corner of the state (Buffalo, Erie County), as reported to “secure” a number of hotels already housing illegals bused in from the Big Apple.

But on the other hand, the taxpayer-funded SUNY (State University of New York) has just ordered dozens of illegals out of dormitories on the grounds of SUNY Buffalo State University.

Just me being a smart-ass, but I can see the recruiting posters for the New York National Guard; “Join the Guard, Shit on Your Fellow New Yorkers!” But that’s a different article for a different day.

Back to the topic at hand. As reported by Anna Giaritelli of the Washington Examiner (emphasis mine);

“Gov. Kathy Hochul (D-NY) is sending New York Army National Guard soldiers to upstate counties where immigrants have been bused out of New York City and placed in hotels following sexual assault allegations at an Erie County shelter.”

“The deployment of an unspecified number of new soldiers to Erie County is in addition to 1,800 who have already been activated by Hochul to provide security and assistance at 30 hotel immigrant shelters in New York City, according to the governor’s office. Another 18 hotels where immigrants are housed have been staffed by state and local police.”

“The move comes days after New York City bused hundreds of immigrants to two hotels located more than 350 miles to the opposite side of the state, in Erie and Monroe Counties. Approximately 500 immigrants were moved into a hotel in Cheektowaga over the weekend.”

“In the past two weeks, two immigrants were arrested in separate incidents for sexual abuse and imprisonment, including one attack against a worker for a local immigrant assistance organization in early August and another against an immigrant on Aug. 11, the day before Hochul’s military activation.”
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Well, Buffalo… you get what you asked for.

Also reported by;

Thirty-two of the 44 migrants at Buff State’s dorm are originally from African countries, including nine from Congo and eight from Nigeria.

Only 11 hail from the Western Hemisphere: five from Colombia, four from Haiti and two from the Dominican Republic. One of the migrants is from Iraq.

So while the State of New York is calling up a couple thousand citizen-soldiers to play concierge to thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens, New York City alone is dropping $600 MILLION a year on illegals, as reported by the NY Post.

Keep in mind that the Federal Government (thanks to Joe Biden) is flat-out giving illegals $3,000 per-person per-month. All the while, the people of Maui who’ve lost everything are receiving a whopping $700 one-time payment per-household.

Curiously, the Albany government is also ordering dozens of illegals to vacate state-controlled living spaces at Buffalo State. Keep in mind that this is where Hochul’s administration put them in the first place.

As reported by Jorge Fitz-Gibbon of the NY Post (emphasis mine);

“SUNY Buffalo State University is evicting 44 migrants from its dorms after parents raised concerns over student safety — but an asylum-seeker advocate claims the move smacks of prejudice.”

“Officials at the state university abruptly canceled an agreement with a local community group that placed dozens of migrants at the upstate school in May — citing parental worries in the wake of separate sex-assault charges against two migrants bused north from New York City, Buffalo News reported.”

Perhaps speaking for more than a few New Yorkers would be in the form of a press release by State Senator Borrello (Republican, Conservative);

“I sent a letter to Gov. Hochul today opposing her plan to house undocumented immigrants at SUNY Fredonia in Chautauqua County and SUNY campuses around the state. This is a reckless idea born out of desperation caused by a self-created crisis of the Governor’s own making.”

“Words have consequences. If you are going to tout New York as a ‘sanctuary state’ and safe-haven for undocumented, un-vetted economic migrants don’t be surprised or confused when they show up on your doorstep.”

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