(VIDEO) Pathetic Maui Response, but Is Biden a Fair Target?

“No, no comment…”

The word’s out regarding the pathetically weak federal response to the Maui wildfire disaster.

Even the screamingly leftie Newsweek magazine is admitting that DC is responding with a measly one-time $700 per household. Did you catch that? PER HOUSEHLD.

In the meantime, billions and billions of dollars are being printed out of thin air to pay for Team Biden’s clearly disastrous erasure of the southern border. Rest assured, it’s the Working Man who’s going to get screwed over this.

But in the meantime, I have to be true to myself and those around me. Just keep in mind that this is in no way, shape, or form a defense of Joe Biden. He certainly deserves to be hammered for his lack of any sort of positive reaction or response in the face of the Maui disaster.

But if attacking Biden is your first response, then that’s wrong. Just like when liberals immediately went after George W. Bush post-Hurricane Katrina.

Just like back then, the Federal Government is not the first responder.

Where was the New Orleans mayor, Ray Nagin (D)? Where was the Louisiana governor, Kathleen Blanco (D)?

THEY’RE the ones who are the first and second lines of defense in the face of any disaster, right?

Because of Hawaii’s geography and system of government, there are no county managers, but county mayors.

With that done, where the hell was Maui mayor Richard Bessen? While the mayoral races in Maui are supposedly “non-partisan,” Bessen’s own website shows him to be screamingly leftie.

While I’m at it, where the hell was Hawaii governor Josh Green (D)?

Of course, both of these numbskulls were busy blaming so-called “climate change.” So much easier than actually doing something of substance.

To answer the headline, yes it’s fair to target Biden… but there are two good-for-nothings in line ahead of him.

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