(VIDEO) From 850 to 1,100; FBI Upping Maui Death Count by 250

And the number of crosses will only grow.

It’s pretty bad that I have to go to a London-based news agency to get the actual news.

But there are two questions I’d like to ask;

  1. Why don’t the state and locals even have a half-way decent estimate?
  2. Why is the FBI even involved?

In the meantime, here’s some of the piece done by reporter Stephen Lepore of Britain’s DailyMail.com (emphasis mine);

“The number of missing people in Maui has increased by 250 to 1,100 two weeks after deadly fires ravaged the island and left more than 115 people dead.” 

“The fires were the deadliest to hit the United States in a century and search and rescue efforts have been slow.” 

“The tourist town of Lahaina, home to 12,000 people, was all but wiped off the map, with thousands of missing persons appearing on lists maintained by various organizations, including the police, Red Cross and shelters.”

“As of Tuesday, the FBI had counted 1,100 missing persons and is now working to collate and verify the data with a list to be released later this week, Special Agent Steven Merrill told reporters on Tuesday.”

‘We’re cross-referencing all the lists so that we can determine who, in fact, truly is still unaccounted for,’ Merrill said.” 

Again… why in the hell is the FBI somehow in charge of things now?

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