Fox News Republican Debate; The Numbers are In and It Doesn’t Look Good for FNC

Oh, yeah… Trump won the GOP so-called “debate” last night, even though he was nearly 1,000 miles driving distance away from Milwaukee.

I have to admit that I watched in real time the entire Tucker Carlson interview with President Trump on X (Twitter).

Greg Foreman.

By the time that was over, I caught the second-half of the FNC clown show over at Greg Foreman’s Youtube channel, Black Conservative Perspective. By the way, Foreman has a first-rate, crackerjack of a channel. Just click on the link and please give him a subscribe.

Anyhow, so here it is… Friday evening, and yesterday’s ratings for the FNC debate are finally being posted on-line.

To simplify matters, I’ll just note a handful of headlines along with the link to the appropriate news source;

OK, the Deep State Ministry of Propaganda agrees that FNC Pulled in a tad under 13 million. Simple math tells me that 12.8 million viewers out of 330 million is a miniscule 3.88 percent of the American people.

So what kind of ratings did Trump and Carlson pull-in on essentially an internet  podcast?

I snapped two pics. Just see for yourself;

This screen capture was from the moment Carlson’s interview ended. As seen (circled below right), an incredible 74.1 MILLION viewed either all or part of the program as it was aired.

This photo was taken roughly 24-hours since the end of the webcast. For those unable to log-on when the interview was initially aired, the tally reached nearly 250 MILLION views.

Please keep in mind that this number is 75.76 percent the population of the entire United States.

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