(VIDEO) The Deep State/Uniparty/RINOs/Never-Trumpers in Action

Dear Kentucky, WTF, over?

This is sad. No, I take that back. This is just plain ol’ pathetic.

I mean… did Mitch just power slam a large Slurpee?

Just so no one misunderstands where I’m coming from, I’m dead set against mandatory cognitive tests for any given president or vice-president. After all, show me in the Constitution where such testing is a requirement. But if there were a move to amend the COTUS, I’d be 100 percent in support.

As far as a Constitutional Amendment mandating term limits for members of the Congress is concerned, that’s an idea whose time has been obvious for the past few decades.

Seriously, did we just witness McConnell having a stroke?

By the way, McConnell is in his seventh term as senator, meaning he will have been in the senate for 42 years if he doesn’t resign or die during this term.

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