Not Passing the Smell Test – Crooked Joe’s Thousands of Gov’t Protected ‘Alias Emails’

Who’s really at the top of this shake-down pyramid?

With age, I really am making an honest effort to keep from running with whatever knee-jerk reaction I should happen upon.

The latest coming out of DC is the news that the National Archives (yes, another faceless bureaucracy elected by no one) refusing to handover some 5,400 emails to the House Oversight Committee.

Ahh, but these aren’t just any emails. These bad boys are all Joe Biden emails using one of his many aliases.

But like I stated earlier, there very well may be a legitimate reason for The Big Guy to use an alias.

If I were someone whose name and face was in the news everyday, I just might use an alias in some emails to loved ones. “Oh, this isn’t just spam with Dad’s name attached to it. This is from ‘’ This is from Dad specifically for me.”

Yeah, I could see a reason why someone of notoriety would use an alias for certain emails… but not for 5,400 emails.

And I certainly can’t see why a number of those same email aliases would be CC’d to Hunter Biden, and Hunter Biden alone.

All the backbone of a chocolate éclair.

Here’s some of the article from an op-ed by James Bovard of the New York Post (emphasis mine);

“In Washington, conning the American people is always considered a victimless crime. The latest DC shellshocker is the National Archives blocking release of 5,000+ emails Vice President Joe Biden wrote using a pseudonym to shroud Biden family graft.

“In ancient Rome, the consul Scipio was accused of abusing his power. He stood in front of the Senate, pulled out the written records of his reign and tore them to pieces. Scipio’s reputation was so impeccable that the audience cheered him, regardless of his destruction of evidence.

“Bizarrely, this is the same template the liberal media use to whitewash President Biden. Americans don’t need to know the facts of how Biden has used his power because his intentions are good.”

“But the only reason his intentions appear good is because we don’t have the facts.

“Consider the latest wacky revelations on the nom de crook. In response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the National Archives admitted there are 5,400 emails Biden apparently sent under fake names including, and”

“A few of those emails have trickled out from other sources, revealing messages tied to Hunter Biden’s Ukraine hustle. But the Archives is refusing to reveal thousands of other messages despite disclosure demands from the House Oversight Committee.”

Hey, Oversight Committee, here’s the solution… all you have to do is cutoff all funding to the National Archives.

But here’s the only problem; Kevin McCarthy’s the head Republicans in the House.

Don’t count on anyone stepping forward anytime soon to donate a functioning set of testicles for McCarthy.

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