How Biden and the Democrats Plan on Screwing-Over the Rank and File Democrats

Should we call him King or just Comrade Chairman?

Sadly, a rather sizable percentage of this nation will steadfastly deny the existence of the Deep State. even if the same is staring them right in the face.

Just one example would be when it comes to the Democrat Convention next year in Chicago, the DNC has it baked into the cake that the Party Bosses are in control… not the actual delegates.

For those of you that were unaware, the Democrats (and ONLY the Democrats) don’t have just delegates. They have something called “superdelegates.”

Ahh, but what is this “superdelagte” thingee that you speak of? First things first – legitimately elected delegates are called “pledged delegates” while the Party Bosses choose the superdelegates, officially known as “automatic delegates.”

Life in the gulag.

One of the very few factual, right-down-the-middle information websites the American people can turn to for straight scoop would be Ballotpedia.

As the noted in their page titled Democratic delegate rules, 2024 (emphasis mine);

“Automatic delegates are unpledged delegates to the Democratic National Convention. Automatic delegates, who are often called superdelegates, are not required to pledge their support to any presidential candidate. Automatic delegates include members of the Democratic National Committee, Democratic members of Congress, Democratic governors, or distinguished party leaders, including former presidents and vice presidents.”

Besides the mere notion of delegates chosen by the Party being utterly repulsive, the one specific that really gets me is “distinguished party leaders” are chosen by the DNC.

How Stalin.

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