Dems Flip-Out Over Kushner Making Money for His Investors

In the whacky world of Socialism, making money is a mortal sin. Needless to say, the Lefties in DC are in full melt-down over Jared Kushner committing the ultimate evil.

Just me, but I get the distinct impression that every leftist TV talking head that gets questioned about Hunter Biden taking in millions in bribe money, the best they can come back with is, “But, but, but… JARED KUSHNER!”

Here’s some of the bottom-line info regarding Kushner and why the Democrats hate him so much;

Kushner made his fortune by investing in real estate way before Donald Trump even thought of running for president. And yes, Kushner grew-up in a well-to-do family. That wasn’t illegal the last time I checked.

Six months after leaving the Trump Administration is a Special Advisor, Kushner (as a private citizen) secured a $2.1 billion investment from the government of Saudi Arabia.

Interestingly enough, is reporting that through Kushner, the Saudis will actually be investing in Israeli businesses. That’s right, I said Israeli.

Unlike Hunter Biden, who’s taken in millions upon millions from the likes of the Communist Chinese and the wife of a dirty Russian oligarch, Kushner actually makes his investors a profit.

Kushner receives the Mexican Order of the Aztec Eagle from Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto.

While still an undergrad student at Harvard, Kushner inked his first investment deal in Somerville, Mass, by purchasing a building for $2.3 million. He ended up selling the same for $4.3 million, as reported by the New York Sun.

Kushner purchased the JCPenney’s office building in New York City for $30 million. As reported by the New York Post, he sold the same for $150 million.

It was Kushner who finalized the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, which overwhelmingly was a win for the working-class citizen for all-three member nations. So much so, the Mexican government awarded Kushner the Order of the Aztec Eagle, the highest award Mexico can bestow upon a civilian, as reported by the Washington Times.

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