That Didn’t Age Well – Biden Brags of Readiness to ‘Prostitute Myself’; Claims he was the ‘Token Black’

Even back in the early 1970s, braying jackasses and baaing sheep just couldn’t help but… well, bray and baa their approval of a decidedly slimy and smirking Joe Biden.

Stunning was the sheer number of dweebs, geeks, weirdos, bozos, dorks, nerds, and butt-wipes seen cheering on King of the Noobs.

Never mind that Biden just stated that he was ready, willing, and able to “prostitute myself” to the big money donors.

To add insult to injury, pitiful Joe had to tell the sad tale of how he was “the token young person.” You know – just like token blacks or token women.

Life must be so hard for the guy who’s drawn a government paycheck for the past 50-years.

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