Michigan Warning; Oakland County Sheriff Warns Affluent, White, Liberal Residents of Central, South American Gang Crime Wave

Some say that the definition of a liberal is actually a conservative who hasn’t had a crime committed against them… yet.

Perhaps the best example of this would be what’s going on in the reliably leftist (and rather expensive) Oakland County, Michigan.

As it turns out, the Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard, is warning the uber-woke residents that “transnational gangs” originating out of “Chile, Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras and Venezuela” are already active in Oakland County.

Or as Sheriff Bouchard politely made even more specific, they’re from “well outside of Michigan.” Gee, ya think?

But as it turns out, these organized crime gangs are already committing some rather high dollar robberies.

As reported by both The Detroit News and The Gateway Pundit, these transnational gangs are committing home robberies resulting in “hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars” worth of goods being stolen.

Possibly coming as a blow to Sandy Ocasio, these thieves aren’t stealing food just because they’re hungry.

Sheriff Bouchard went on to note that their modus operandi includes “targeting jewelry, precious metals, high-end watches, purses, electronics, currency, and safes that can easily be broken into on scene…”

Just me, but this is a ticking time bomb.

So far, these are all just burglaries. In my opinion, it’s just a matter of time until thief and victim will meet face-to-face.

These gangs aren’t stupid. They’ll have some sort of weapon on their person just to ensure there’re no witnesses. Handgun, knife, baseball bat, lead pipe, machete, whatever.

That’s also when some Soccer Mom and her two teen-aged daughters accidentally bump into these armed thugs. That’s when a burglary gets upgraded to armed robbery, and possibly worse.

Sure looks to me like it’s going to take a few kidnappings, beatings, rapings, then murders until someone takes this seriously.

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