Largest EV Charging Station on the ENTIRE PLANET is Secretly Powered by Diesel Generators

I think it would be a fairly safe bet that if you fall into just ONE of the three categories below, you’re pretty much a scumbag. I’m talkin’ registered Democrat kinda scumbag.

Yes on TWO, you’re a despicable human being. Even your mother doesn’t like you.

Yes on all THREE, it was you that Dante had in mind when penning of the eighth rung of Hell.

  1. You REALLY don’t give a damn about saving the planet. EV technology will be viable and reliable in the next three to five decades, but no. You want to jump on the Sandy Ocasio bandwagon RIGHT NOW, despite certain rare earth minerals, such as neodymium, lithium, nickel, cobalt, dysprosium, etc., used in EV batteries weighing anywhere from 250-1,000 pounds being thrown into landfills is nothing short of even worse ecological disasters on the horizon.
  2. You have no problem about child slavery… but ONLY if the child slaves are black or brown. The vast majority where rare earth minerals are found within the borders of certain nations that want to destroy the United States. Well… looks like Trump looking into buying Greenland isn’t all that crazy after all. PS, Greenland has “the world’s second-largest deposit of rare earths, and sixth-largest deposit of uranium.
  3. You’re the worst type of virtue signaler. You don’t have to actually DO anything to improve the lives of our fellow human beings… just so long as people THINK you’re an amazing person. Deep down, you know it’s all a front. But you really don’t care.  You’re more than comfortable being a fraud.

All this is in regard to a piece published by Kevin Killough of of Cheyenne, Wyoming (emphasis mine);

“The Harris Ranch Tesla Supercharger station is an impressive beast. With 98 charging bays, the facility in Coalinga, California, is the largest charging station in the world.”

“In 2017, Tesla CEO said that all Superchargers in the automaker’s network were being converted to solar.”

“Over time, almost all will disconnect from the electricity grid,” Musk posted on X, formally known as Twitter.” 

“Superchargers charge vehicles up to the 80% sweet spot in as little as 20 minutes, but to provide that kind of power for nearly 100 bays takes something solar can’t provide — diesel generators.” 

“Investigative journalist Edward Niedermeyer discovered that the station was powered by diesel generators hidden behind a Shell station. Reporters at SF Gate tried to find out how much of the station’s electricity was from the generators, but couldn’t get a response from Tesla.” 

“The station isn’t connected to any dedicated solar farms, which means that absent the diesel generators, the station is powered by California’s grid.”