(VIDEO) Did Israel’s Left-Wingers Give Iran, Hamas the Green Light to Attack?

There’s a couple of myths in America regarding the Israelis that’re alive and well in the United States.

Specifically, that most Israelis are religious; and that most Israelis walk around with an Uzi or M16 slung over their collective shoulders.

Neither are true. Most Israelis are secular Jews (ethnically Jewish, but haven’t been in a synagogue since they were 12); and that most Israelis haven’t laid hands on a firearm since their couple of years’ worth of military conscription.

The former is verifiable with little more than an internet search. The latter is common sense.

With the number of Israelis reported dead now at 900 (and climbing), one would think that at least a few of the Hamas jihadists going door-to-door would have been greeted by a tight grouping of 9 mil or .223 caliber holes in their respective chests.

If anything of the sort would have actually happened, you can bet the Jerusalem-government would have crowed about it. Unfortunately, nary a peep of any civilians actually fighting back.

But with all that aside, it’s no secret that for almost the past year, there has been some rather well-attended protests against the Netanyahu government over proposed changes to that nation’s judicial system.

When I said “well-attended,” I mean thousands upon thousands. As seen in the video below, the AP is reporting that “Thousands of military reservists say they’re going to stop reporting for duty.”

In the meantime, the Sydney Morning Herald notes, “The anti-Netanyahu protests that have rocked Israel’s cities for eight months were suspended instantly…”

Interestingly enough, Stephen Pollard of London’s The Telegram opines, “An increasingly threatened Iran saw Netanyahu distracted and pounced. The backers of Hamas were not willing to tolerate the Abraham Accords, while the judicial reform crisis gave them a chance to attack.”

If this ends-up being proven as true, at least I have the cold consolation that self-destructive, self-hating Leftism isn’t just an American-Canadian-British-Australian phenomenon.