Even Back in the 80s, He Knew What Was Wrong w/ America, What Was Right w/ Israel

Admiration and respect due to two short sentences.

Even as a young boy, I always had a certain respect for Israel. Not because I adhere to Judaism or have any Jewish blood. More so because the State of Israel doesn’t take any shit.

But I’d like to preface this with me being of the opinion that the United States is like a 50′ tall bloated, morbidly obese giant.

Don’t get in that giant’s way, or you’ll get crushed. At the same time, that giant can’t even tie its own shoelaces.

In all fairness, America’s been that way for at least the past 50-years. Bureaucracy is killing this country.

With all that aside, what really cemented my admiration for Israel was a quote I once heard from Robert “Bud” McFarlane † (LtCol, USMC, Ret) when he was Pres. Reagan’s National Security Advisor.

While testifying before Congress regarding the state of the nation’s security, the good Colonel stated;

“When America is attacked, we launch a letter of condemnation. When Israel’s attacked, they launch an air strike.”